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Welcome To My Home Page

hello and welcome to my page!!! you can download tons of stuff here any version of windows (95,98,me,nt,2000,xp) can be gottern here enjoy!

legal mombo jumbo. not download anything from here unless you own the original copy and want a back-up, or it is under the g.n.u (g.p.l.) license.

Listing Site Updates

28/1/05 made site

28/1/05 added link to ms-dos 7.11 and windows 98

28/1/05 added link to windows xp home edition

28/1/05 added link to windows xp prof edition

28/1/05 added link to windows 2000

28/1/05 added link to windows3.1

28/1/05 added link to windows for workgroups 3.11

 more coming tomorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captions for pictures
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.

Site Enhancements

new't new added some links

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custom boot up

this is a custom boot up logo for windows 98, email for what i can do for you (sorry, no nt,2000,xp

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